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Worlds first ever swimrun adventure in Lofoten?

Are you tired of sitting down behind that desk? Are you looking for that top ten adventure to tick off on your bucket list?

Team Ultraswimrun, pioneers in the adventure and multi-day swimrun discipline, packed their wetsuits and took off for a long weekend in Lofoten, one of the most beautiful and scenic places Norway has to offer. Over several days Johanna, Anders and Fredrik from the team explored what Lofoten has to offer, swimrunning and trail running their way through this rough mountain-archipelago terrain. Having just returned from this epic adventure Johanna and Anders from the team had this to say:

Johanna, (ÖtillÖ – 2016 challenger):

– The Lofoten Islands are just an amazing place on earth, far above the Arctic Circle- a wilderness outpost that offers everything you can ask for. Majestic steep mountains, lactic acid, snow, deep fjords, white beaches, dramatic coastlines, rapidly changing weather, flexible and friendly residents, tasty food, cold beers, even colder water.., clear water full of amazing colourful sea urchins and crabs with huge clams. Midnight sun and the smell of dry fish all over. It’s just incredible to get out there in the nature and work your way forward, running, swimming, feeling …  free.


– To be honest, we did not swimrun as much as we had hoped as one of the team members had caught a badly timed cold, but also for security reasons. Lofoten is not an easy place to swimrun without support. Safety is a big issue because of the very strong currents, surrounding the islands and the unpredictable weather that can change within minutes, but with careful planning and after consulting the locals about where and when it is safe to swim it can be done. Due to the warm Gulf current passing by the islands the water temperature is not as bone chilling cold as the arctic latitude would suggest and the reward in terms of scenery gives you plenty of energy. We had an amazing time in the jaw dropping landscape and encourage everyone to get out and explore nature swimrunning. It’s just awesome! So, there you have it. If you need a break from racing, the adventure awaits. Are you planning your own adventure and want to share it, take loads of pics and write about your experience and share it with the World (of Swimrun).Get out there, explore and be an adventurer!

/The WoS Team ENJOY the stunning pics below! 😀

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