Will there be any swimrun race in April 2020?

We previously looking into the potential effect of the COVID-19 virus on equipment availability for 2020. However, it appears now this is not going to be the major problem. We witness global restriction on travels and on group gathering, including of course sport events. Already in our little world of swimrun, St Raphael and Cyprus have been cancelled. It is very likely that all events scheduled for at least March and April will be cancelled. This includes races in Australia, Sweden, New Zealand, USA, Spain, France, Germany, Portugal and Croatia. How long will this situation last is anybody’s’ guess. But there is a high probability that there will still be disruption in May, and after, time will tell.

To put things in perspective, let’s not forget that, as complicated and financially difficult the situation is for organisers and competitors alike, the health and wellbeing of our fellow world’s citizens is far more important than the competitions in our beloved sport. An initiative has been launched to support fellow sport person with the hashtags #athletes4athletes #solidartiy4everyone

/The WoS Team

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