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What you swimrunners should be doing in April!

27 races in 9 countries and more are underway.

The swimrun season is kicking into high gear, and we love it!

First out is ÖtillÖ in Hvar and we do hope the contestants get to experience the seasonal strong winds. The first year the winds went up to 16 m/s and more than half the starting-line DNF:d during the long 3-km swim.

We look forward to see how the race plays out.

But let’s not forget our friends on the other side of the “swimrun lake”, and in both directions. Races are now taking place in USA, New Zealand and Australia. But also, in France, Spain, Portugal, Germany and Italy, all which can be found in our calendar which is being updated (again).

We have a great season to look forward to and we hope to see you guys out there swimrunning!

Don’t forget about our upcoming swimrun equipment test and if you think we have missed a race, drop us a line and we’ll sort it out ASAP!

/The WoS Team

Pic: Akuna SR-France

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