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More swimrun races are announced and the national leagues are growing!

Its just fantastic!

The swimrun scene is exploding. Germany, Portugal, USA, Poland, UK, Sweden, Italy, Estonia and on it goes.

New races, new cups, new places to visit! Have a look below and keep an eye on our race calendar and map being updated frequently with all new info.

/The WoS Team

  • Germany – Deutschland Cup

As the swimrun sport is growing it’s slowly formation a structure like any other sport. From a crazy adventure in the early 2000, we now have national leagues and championships in USA, Spain, Finland, UK, Australia, France, Portugal, Italy and Germany.

A variety of national circuits

As the national circuits are organising themselves, more races are announced. As an example, in Germany The Deutschland Swimrun Cup has grown and now consists of 5 races hosted by different organisers




A minimum of two races will get you ranked in the Women’s or Men’s individual category with awards ceremony placed at the season finale on Oct 7 at the Allgäu Swimrun.

For more information on the races, check below



Day & Date 2018 Location Swim length Run length Total distance (km)
Honisch Beach Long Sun-27, May 2018 Frankfurt 4000 m 25000 m 29,0 Km
Hof 17.5 Sun-17, Jun 2018 Hof 2700 m 17500 m 20,2 Km
Rheinsberg Sun-01, Jul 2018 Rheinsberg 2500 m 14000 m 16,5 Km
Ratzeburg Insel RZ-See Sun-16, Sep 2018 Ratzeburg 5200 m 27800 m 33,0 Km
Allgäu Sat-06, Oct 2018 Rottachsee 3500 m 24000 m 27,5 Km

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Find out more: SwimRun Deutschland Cup

  • USA – Crawlman

Georgia MultiSports was founded in 2003 and concentrates on multisport events such as triathlons. This is the first year they will host a swimrun on June 2, 2018.

– I watched the U-tube of the OTILLO Championship and loved the concept say Jim Rainey, in charge. 

The race takes take place in in Atlanta, Ga at Ft Yargo local state park. There are two courses, first the long course with 13.5 miles (21.7 km) of running and 5 km of swimming. The short course is 6.5 miles (10.5 km) of running and 1800 m of swimming.
Join the race on

Other quick stats:

Average air temperature: Mid 70 degrees Farenheit Average water temperature: Low to mid 70 Farenheit  Two person teams only
  • Portugal – Swimrun series

The idea of conducting a competition in Portugal came after the participation of a Portuguese
duo in a Swimrun event held in Scotland called “Loch Gu Loch” in 2016. The interest in the sport
came from some saturation of the challenges they had faced to date, both in the field of ultradistance
and in the long-distance triathlon by one of the elements of the pair and by their passion
for the sport in general, the swimming in open water and the off-road race or trail-running as it
is also known.

“I believe that Swimrun has everything to be a success in Portugal in the next years, since it is a
sport that combines two elements that we have of natural form in the geography of our country
Portugal presents all the atmospheric conditions and of relief for the accomplishment of this
sport. From the most beautiful beaches in Europe, rivers, lakes, breathtaking saws and sunshine
most of the year, with mild temperatures when compared with the Nordic countries where the
Swimrun movement started” – Bruno Safara – Swimrun Portugal

Said and done. Now Portugal has its own series and you should definetly check it out!

Click on the dates to see the locations:

April 15 – Zêzere

May 13 – Alqueva

June 24 – Azores – Faial

September 16 – Arrábida

November 04 – Madeira

  • UK – Hokey Cokey Swimrun

Mad Hatter Sports Events is based in the stunning location of St Austell Bay in Cornwall. The company have been organising events for around four years but we also compete in events all around the world. The Hokey Cokey started in 2014 with a select crazy few taking on the course which takes in swimming in the ocean and running along the Cornish coastpath.


The race takes place on the 26th May 2018. Has pairs and individuals with short and long course options available, the short course is approx. 10km in total with 2.5km of swimming and 7.5km of running and the long course is 5km of swimming and 15km of running. Don’t be deceived by the distances, it is a tough course!

You can enter the event by going to

Sea temp will be approx 13-14 degrees, Air temp up to 17 degrees.

  • Sweden – Skatås sjöar

Place: Gothenburg, Sweden

Date: 25th August 2018

Run and swim through six or three lakes just 5 km from Gothenburg city. You will run in the two nature reserves Delsjöområdet and Knipeflågsbergen with it’s characteristic hills (ridges) and scenic lakes.

Compete in teams with two persons or individually.

  • Italy – Swimrun Cheers

On June 9-10th, 2018 the popular Italian swimrun Cheers race is back with 2 distances, SHORT and IRON:

SHORT 22.614 meters 3 swimming sections (3.354 mt) + 3 run sections (19.260 mt)

IRON 31,995 meters: 9 swimming section (12.461 m) + 8 run sections (27.130 m)

Stunning scenery, excellent hosting. Lots of fun. Check it out!

  • USA – Lake James

Brian and Kristen have fallen in love with the sport of SwimRun and both took part in the first SwimRun NC.

And now they are announcing the inaugural SwimRun Lake James in 2018. The date is set for Saturday April 7th, 2018.

They started with a map looking for the perfect spot for their own race and after narrowing down a few locations they  fell in love with Lake James. It has over 20+ miles of trails, 20+ miles of service roads, and is the largest reservoir in the mountains  of Western North Carolina. Lake James is seated in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  The Lake is 1,200 feet above sea level and the trails used on course are well marked.  There are sections where you’ll go off the beaten path, but not to worry if you pay attention you won’t get lost.  The run sections are on a constant rolling terrain. The swim sections use all parts of the lakes including some of the islands. This park was meant for SwimRun.

The temperature is expected to be around 60F (16C) in the air and 57 F (14C) in the water

Lake James is just 30 minutes West of Morganton, NC and 60 minutes East of Asheville, NC.  If you plan on flying the two airports used are located in Charlotte, NC and Asheville, NC.  Charlotte is about 90 minutes away.  Once at Lake James there are over 33 drive-in campsites in the Paddy’s Creek Area.  There are also boat-in campsites on the Long Arm Peninsula.  If camping isn’t your thing, there are several other places to stay around the lake.

  • Poland – Solina

Kacper Piech and Gabriela Rolka saw a video about swimrun and tried this new sport and liked it very much. Now they are hosting 3 swimrun races in Poland on the 15th of September:
SPRINT – 10 km (8,5 run, 1,5 swim with 4 swim sections)
MARATHON – 25 km (21,5 run, 3,5 swim with 9 swim sections)
ULTRA – 45,5 km (40 km run, 5,5 swim with 12 swim sections also a ÖtillÖ Merit Race).

In the middle of September in Poland air is about 10-20 degrees and water 16-17 degrees. Bieszczady Mountains are the most wild region in Poland. Running sections are very diverse. Some sections are very mud. The best way is go by plane to Cracow and rent a car. From Cracow to Solina Lake is 3,5 hours by car. Race office is in Polańczyk. Swimrun Poland Solina is not only a race. In Saturday evening they will also have a Swimrun Party and on Sunday morning a joint breakfast.

  • USA – Ignite Series

IGNITE SwimRun launches a multi-state swimrun race series and will host races in Maryland, Minnesota, Rhode Island and Virginia during the 2018 season. The Virginia race will serve as the first ever Ignite SwimRun U.S. National Championship.

IGNITE SwimRun events are multi-stage endurance competitions in which two person teams run and swim together through a cross-country course involving up to 8 swim legs, 9 run legs and covering 16-25 miles. Jay Peluso, IGNITE SwimRun Race Director says: – “We love the team aspect and the challenge presented by the vastly different terrain at each venue. Whether you are racing to break the course record or for an epic endurance experience, SwimRun is for you.”

 Series Race locations and dates:

 Boonsboro, Maryland – May 12, 2018

 Ironton, Minnesota – July 28, 2018

 Block Island, Rhode Island – September 15, 2018

 Richmond, Virginia (National Championship) – October 20, 2018

 For more information about IGNITE SwimRun, visit

  • Estonia – Pühajärve Baltic Challenge

Saturday, July 14 you can race 3 distances in Estonia.

Youth Race

The Youth race course of Pühajärve SwimRun Baltic Challenge is on the territory of Pühajärve Holiday Resort and Pühajärve Beach.

  • Total length of the Youth Race is ca 2km
  • Swimming distance ca 300m
  • 3 runs, 2 swims

Short Race

  • Total length of the Short Race is ca 3,5km
  • Swimming distance ca 1,3km
  • 7 runs, 6 swims

Main Race

The SwimRun competition runs clockwise around the picturesque Lake Pühajärve.

  • Total length of the Main Race is ca 12km
  • Swimming distance ca 2,4km
  • 10 runs, 10 swims
  • 2 service points

  • Poland – Stężyca

In 2018, a new swimrun race will take place in Stężyca, on June 30th. The event is located in the town of Stężyca, in the north of Poland and near the national park of Bory Tucholskie, a beautiful region sharing. Stężyca is already hosting a popular triathlon, which will take place the day after the swimrun event.
At this time of the year, usually the weather is quite warm, wetsuit might not be necessary. Distance 25km only in duo, distance 10km single or duo.

Check out their video!

From abroad, the best is to fly to Gdansk and rent a car. Given the fact there is a popular triathlon the same weekend, once may easily find someone to share transport with, on social media.

Swimrun poland series

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