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Swimrun Cyprus in March – Clear blue and healing water!

The swimrun race season is on!

With around 500 races to choose from all year round, we swimrunners now have the luxury to plan exotic exploratory vacations to different countries to swimrun!

A nice treat would be to visit Cyprus for their upcoming swimrun race at the end of March. Have a look, what’s not to love about this?

/The WoS Team

Protaras Swimrun Cyprus

Keravnos Triathlon is part of the historic Keravnos Strovolos Club based in Cyprus. It consists of amateur triathletes of all ages and abilities, who amongst them share a true passion for multisport activities such as Triathlon and SwimRun competitions. The team’s goal is to help its members create an active lifestyle and achieve their health, fitness, and competitive goals through one of the world’s most popular and fastest-growing sport. As part of this innate passion to improve and promote the multisport culture in Cyprus, the team is organizing a SwimRun competition in the beautiful and magical surroundings of the Protaras-Cape Greco national forest park, 31st of March 2019.

Bildresultat för Protaras-Cape Greco

The first race was conducted in 2017, with a follow-up familiarization race in 2018. This year will be the 3rd time a swimrun race is hosted.

No. swimming sections: Distance longest swim: Total distance swimming:
10 1km 4km
No. running sections: Distance longest run: Total distance running:
11 6km 21km
Average air temperature at the time of the race: Average water temperature at the time of the race: Race format
20 Celsius 17 Celsius Teams of 2
Contact details: George Demetriades

How to join/travel to the race

Most short-stay visitors to Cyprus from Europe arrive by air. Frequent scheduled and chartered flights operate year-round from London and other European and or Middle East cities. Most European airlines operate schedules to the island.

There are two airports in Cyprus: Larnaca International Airport and Paphos International Airport. The first operates most of the commercial flights in and out of the island and the second operates mainly charter flights (but not only).

More details regarding Traveling and Participating to the race can be found on our web page

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