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One of our independent swimrun-testers has had a pair of Salming swimrun shoes for long-term testing and this is what he had to say about them.

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/The WoS Team

Test period and test area

Tested from May to September, in competition and training conditions, on technical trails and Swimrunning up to 30 km length as well as some less demanding activities with mixed terrain (asphalt, gravel, rocks, forest).

First impression and finish

With its gaudy colours’ orange, blue and yellow the OT Competition is an eye-catching shoe with a high-quality finish. The upper construction has a lightweight mesh bod, the side areas exposed to the wear and tear of rugged terrain has an added RocShield™. The stud design of the outsole is inspired by a mix of Michelin’s critically acclaimed mountain bike and motorbike tires and the studs are constructed for maximum penetration in mud.

Running and Grip

As Michelin stands for high quality tires the expectation to the sole is high. This is quickly confirmed as the grip is excellent on all types of terrain. It doesn’t matter if you are running on wet rocks, roots, muddy surfaces or dry ground you always have the feeling that you have enough grip to push forward. The shoe is best performing on demanding trails, works even fine on shorter asphalt and gravel sections but not recommended for longer ones. The low weight (256g – UK 7,5) and a 4 mm drop does not leave much space for additional cushioning but this makes the shoe quick and very aggressive. If you are used to minimalistic shoes the OT Comp is highly recommendable. Be aware though that the rather thin sole is not an optimal protection against sharp rocks otherwise the sides of your feet are well protected through the Rockshield reinforcements on the sides.

Swimming (changing from swimming to running to be more specific)

To be honest, for swimming I would rather look for a better pull-buoy or/and calves to reduce the drag of swimming with your shoes on than looking for a perfect shoe for “swimming”. Way more important is how the shoes behave after leaving the water and starting to run. The most important properties here are minimal water absorbance, that the shoe quickly drains the absorbed water when changing to running sections as well as that it provides a good fit even if still wet.

The OT Comp has all those properties and on top of that it feels that the fit is even better after swimming as when dry the mesh body can feel a bit stiff.


The OT Comp is an excellent partner especially on short to mid-range technical trails and in all weather conditions for runners used to minimalistic shoes and highly recommendable for swimrunning. The overall very positive assessment is only “spoiled” by the rather stiff material the upper section of the shoe is made off.



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