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Poland expands with more swimrun races

Its really wonderful to see how Swimrun is taking off around the world. If you follow social media like Facebook or Instagram, the flow is currently flooded with pictures and movies of smiling people swimrunning in nature. We also hear about cool different types of races popping up, like swimrun orienteering, swimrun safari, swimrun adventures and so forth and soon we’ll probably start hearing about swimrun vacations. Because in the near future you’ll be able to swimrun basically all around the world. As long as there are no white sharks or pihranas


We just got word that Poland is expanding with more swimrun races, and who doesn’t wanna go there and do a race? Check it out below

/The WoS Team

Swimrun Wióry 

The event is located in the beautiful Świętokrzyskie Mountains. We have two routes – the main one, 33 km, where we only start in pairs and sprint, 10 km, where solo is allowed but the organizers recommend to start in pairs. This is first edition of the race.
Jędrek Maćkowski – swimrunner, bloger ( and organiser.



Location (start and finish):

Wióry Reservoir (Zalew Wióry) in Pawłów Municipality in the Świętokrzyskie Mountains, Poland

WIÓRY SWIMRUN – “FOLLOW THE PIONEERS” – 33 km (4.6 km swim / 28 km run – elevation 400 m)

“SWIMRUN DREAM” SPRINT – 10 km (2 km swim / 8 km run – elevation 150 m)
Limit of participants – 100 participants (50 teams) for both distances in total

Number of swimming sections: Distance of the longest swim: Total distance running:
8 950 m 28 km run
Number of running sections: Distance of the longest run: Elevation:
9 6km 400 m

Updates are provided in the website:

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