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A New Swimrun Year in the Making – The 2020 Swimrun Race Calendar

Swimrun has kept growing over the years however we now see a saturation in some aspects. In 2019 we saw many new swimrun races pop-up, but unfortunately many also being canceled. We have had to wait with out calendar since many races for 2020 are still pending either race dates, or website updates, and while writing, over 100 races are yet to be confirmed. For the race organisers out there, …

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All roads in Allgau ends uphill – The October Fest Swimrun Race

When we approached the registration, I had already had it with all this winter-induced rain pouring down. I mean, c’mon. How much can it actually rain? Turns out, quite a lot and strong winds as well. I hate it when it rains sideways. ‘It’s snowing on the mountains’, I heard someone say in broken “germ-lish”. Bloody hell. Cold swims, not really what I’m after at the moment. But then again, …

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Adventure Swimrun World Record Attempt

Ever since the first swimrun race, taking form as an adventure amongst friends, swimmrunners have sought to challenge the elements in various ways. We’ve had swimrunners crossing the highlands in Tajikistan, and diving through caves in the Calanques in France. Let’s not also forget those swimrunners who have moved away from the race-bib scene with a mindset on doing ultraswimrun adventure racing, free and unsupported. There are as many variants …

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Can last year’s record times be broken? It’s time for 74.7 km racing on one of the toughest 1-day courses there is, ÖtillÖ – The original!

It will rain the night before. The start will be wet. It’s a very hot summer and the water is warmer than usual. The winds will be strong but coming from the west side. There are many new faces from all over the world looking strong and with great results from previous races. There will be drama! We have all the info you need for the race, just scroll down …

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The 2019 World Swimrun Shoe Test

Historically, there have been few specific swimrun shoes on the market except for Salomon, Salming or Vivobarefoot. In general, people tend to use the shoes they normally wear for regular trail running and on occasion shoes for harder surfaces like tarmac or compact gravel roads. It is for this reason we see most of the brands popular with runners being represented. However, as swimrun grows in popularity, we are seeing …

Did we mention there were some waves?
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Authieman, swimming in four waters

700 swimrunners on a large sandy beach. 700m to run, and a buoy 500 further away. Guaranteed melee. Add to that waves and strong tide current, and you’re in for a tough first swim. Centred around Berck-sur-mer in the North of France, 1h drive from Calais, the Authieman is unique as it passes through the sea, a river, a lake … and a tiny swimming pool at the very end. …


The World’s First “Last Person Swimrunning” – An UltraSwimrun Adventure in the Stockholm Archipelago Backyard

You’ve probably heard about the backyard ultra-concept, an idea coming from Laz, the founder of the now legendary Barkley Marathons. The last person standing A Backyard Ultra (BU) is a race where challengers run the distance of 6706 meters (4.167 miles) in a loop and within 1 hour. Every full hour a new loop starts, and the challenge continues until there is only 1 person left standing and alone finishing …

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Swimrun, wave and smile!

It’s amazing to see all the races popping up and taking place around the world. A veritable smorgasbord of joy, smiles and happiness, and we can’t get enough of all the nice teasers being produced, here from the recent Anjou Swimrun Enjoy, because we did!   /The WoS Team   Also, do not forget to read up on the French Swimrun Rules previously released.

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The 2019 Official World of Swimrun Wetsuit Test – A New Era in Swimrun Wetsuit Development

In April 2019, 8 experienced swimrunners from 7 nations travelled to Lake Orta, Italy, as part of the World of Swimrun gear test. Amongst the products being tested were 16 new to market, swimrun specific wetsuits from 10 different brands. Over 4 days, the team swam, ran and repeatedly tested the wetsuits on a fixed loop swimrun course, which included open water swimming, entries and exits and running both up …