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Loch Gu Loch race report with Anders Wallensten from Team Ultraswimrun

Hi Anders. You and Johanna came in as first Swedish team at 14th place at the Loch Gu Loch Swimrun in Scotland, Congratulations! Thanks! We do short race reports that goes beyond the stats of races, to give people a feeling for them and to help swimrunners pick races best suited for them. So to kick-off on this theme, how was the race? Can you describe it? It was a Fantastic race …


The swimrun wetsuit – History, current state of affairs and what the future can bring us

The swimrun sport has come a long way since the 1st race took place and looking back at the gear used, it’s safe to say that all the crazy ingenuity contestants gave proof of, provided a laugh or two. Much has happened since, especially with the wetsuit, but before we go into this, a quick trip down memory lane will serve us good. This will explain why we today have been …

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For the love of swimrun

Why do we do it?  Why do so many of us try swimrun, fall in love with it, and tend to never go back to whatever racing we came from?

Well, we believe the answer to be quite simple yet difficult to describe in words, since a big part of the explanation lies within the raw beauty of the swimrun scenery. Listening to the few podcasts, or reading the handful of swimrun-blogs available, adding to this the ever growing number of cover-articles in magazines, there is one thing that the interviewees and reporters constantly comes back to, the undoubted experience of the swimrunner having had really fun while racing. It’s usually not said straight out or explained in-depth, but it’s something that can be identified in between the lines of the persons description of how fun it was, to first swim and then run and then swim and run and….

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Swimrun and ultraswimrun

Swimrun is a sport where racers switch between swimming and running, several times during one single race. In a swimrun race, there has to be at least 2 stages of swimming and of running, and it has to take place outdoors. The first ever swimrun competition was the renowned ÖtillÖ swimrun race and since its inception in 2006, a number of swimrun-races have popped up mainly in Sweden but also …