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Paddles in swimrun – How far can they be developed?

“To all whom it may concern:”

Robert Henry Wallace Dunlop wrote already in 1876 and little did he know that his letter to the US Patent Office would come to affect swimming from that moment on, up until today.

What Robert had invented was the heart-shaped swim paddle with accompanied swim fins. After years of field testing he felt confident that his hand-and-foot-plate invention would “help improve human locomotion in the water.”

Paddles are frequently used in swimming, mostly for training purposes. But with swimrun they’ve found a new meaning given that you not only get to race with them, they also serve additional purposes like holding the different stages of the race, or protecting your hands while entering or exiting the water. Not to forget aiding in providing better visibility of the swimmer when in the water flapping them around (if they are of bright colour of course). What’s interesting here is that not much has happened with its design since 1876.

The development of swimrun wetsuits has been fast, and shoes and pull-buoys are now starting to pick up speed. Perhaps we’ll soon start seeing more custom-made swimrun paddles hitting the market. We know that there are a couple of prototypes out there already.


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