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The next generation swimrun wetsuit

Ever since the start of swimrun, swimrunners have been modifying and inventing new swimrun equipment. You might remember in 2015 when we predicted how the wetsuit was going to be developed, and if not, you should read about it because this was a pretty hot topic.

Back then we called for many things but in essence asked for 2 major and important changes, to add a lower back pocket and the re-design of how the wetsuit fabric functioned negatively on your running economy. Best illustrated with these 3 pictures.

…and we all know how that went.

Today several wetsuits feature both lower back pockets, and adapted neoprene running stretch material, like the Head Aero and the Colting SR02. A sneak peek on the yet-to-be launched Ark promise similar features.

The next generation swimrun wetsuit

Having been around since 2008, we’ve seen several “inventions” pop-up and fail or fall out of fashion. Remember the neoprene headband anyone?

Some ideas do however tend to stick.

In 2016, we also wrote about an idea we had regarding the next generation swimrun wetsuit. If you didn’t read that one either, we recommend you have a look, because rumors have it that it might be realised soon.

In essence what we predicted was this, the swimrunpant + swimrunvest combo.

And looking at a recent insta-photo from Colting, gossiping about a new swimrun-top to go with the pants, we might soon have a winner in this department.

To be continued…

2018 wetsuits coming out

Many swimrun wetsuit brands are coming out with new stuff this year and we will test them all in our yearly swimrun equipment test, so stay tuned.

/The WoS Team

If you don’t care about the upcoming stuff and want to save some money, then have a look at our last years 2017 swimrun wetsuit test, and our guide to buy stuff cheap off-season.

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