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The next generation swimrun pull-buoy

We love seeing how swimrun equipment keep being developed. There’s no end to swimrunners curiosity to invent new stuff and push through the boundaries.

Take for instance the now growing popularity of the “double” swimrun pull-buoy, that came as a reaction to the loss of buoyancy with the Head Aero wetsuit.

The pull-buoy has been tampered with since the early days of swimrun racing and now its taking off in different directions. Apart from the double-version, you now also have the hybrid plastic type, going under the name “Ass-Torpedo”, being developed by the dedicated swimrunner ptengblad in Sweden. The Ass-Torpedo come in different sizes.

Mr Engblad himself

Then we have the ultra-lightweight hydrobouyant pull-buoy the “Barracuda”, which has been developed by Ultraswimrun. It focuses on being friction-free in the water, using a powerful material with great bouyancy/ratio. Rumors have it that a manufacturer has picked up on the idea and will launch their own version soon.


Do you have your own pull-buoy prototype or are you inventing something you want to share with the World of Swimrun, then let us know and together we’ll help push swimrun equipment development forward.

/The WoS Team

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