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Can water resistant sun cream protect you in swimrun?

The summer is finally arriving and it’s wise to protect our skin against the damages the sun may cause, including skin cancer. Comes in the trusted sun cream. They have various protection levels of Sun Protection Factor (SPF) and some are even “water resistant”. Perfect for swimrun, yes? Well, not so fast. “Which ?” the famous British comparison magazine has tested creams claiming to be water resistant. They found that the SPF dropped up to 59% after only 40 minutes in salt water and moving water. Even in tap water, SPF dropped by between 21% and 40%.  In fact, according to Which?, the sun protection is “likely to drop even further – factors such as reflection from water, heat, light, sweat”, all things we experience in swimrun. With this in mind, it may be recommended to apply sun cream more than once. It could be a good initiative for race organisers who put up races in hot sunny weather, e.g. Cotes Vermeille, to provide at some aids station sun cream to help us protect our fragile skins. Ideally the sun cream would also be nature-friendly and safe for the environment.

To go further, read the Which? article.

/The WoS Team

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