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Customisation is key at World of Swimrun’s Equipment Test 2019

Short leg wetsuits with removable sleeves, interchangeable flotation and base layers with pockets are the key trends emerging from World of Swimrun’s 2019 independent equipment test which took place in Orta San Giulio, Italy last weekend. Whether you are seasoned racer or training for your first swimrun, World of Swimrun’s test results are the place to look before you buy swimrun equipment.

“We are excited to see brands experimenting with new ideas and materials. Swimrun has always been about pushing our limits and it’s good to see this ethos reflected in the equipment and clothing for 2019.” -Barbara Siedel, co-founder of Swimrun Germany

The test

8 women and men, experienced swimrunners from 7 nations, tested 19 new to market wetsuits, 5 pull buoys and 10 different types of swimrun shoes. In total 17 brands, making World of Swimrun’s annual equipment test the largest of its kind.

“As swimrun grows in popularity, it is becoming more important for World of Swimrun to provide reliable and comparable information about the swimrun equipment coming onto the market.” – Francois-Xavier Lee, co-founder of World of Swimrun

Over 4 days, the team swam, ran and repeatedly tested the quality, fit and functionality of all the products on a fixed loop swimrun course, which included open water swimming, entries and exits, and running on trails, stone, tarmac and gravel roads, both up and down-hill. Each item was put through its paces following standardised swimrun testing protocols; looking at how long it took for shoes to drain, how much flotation each pull buoy had, dry versus wet weight of wetsuits and much more.

“Swimrun testing by enthusiasts from around the world with varying sporting backgrounds and different swimrun ambitions, ensures a wider perspective for a broad swimrun audience” – Jedrek Mackowski, founder of

For more information about the test team, click here.


The results of The World of swimrun’s Equipment Test 2019 will be available in early May.

/The WoS Team

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  1. andrew j barnett says:

    Looking fwd to seeing the 2019 review updates before I buy.

    1. Nic says:

      Next week!

  2. Fontanaux says:

    ”The results of The World of swimrun’s Equipment Test 2019 will be available in early May.”
    May 2019? Would like to know about the results. Thanks!

    1. Nic says:

      It’s out. Check the web page

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