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Avoid slipping around in your swimrun shoe – Lace properly

A common problem among swimrunners is when the shoe and sock gets wet, where it’s near impossible not to slip around inside. This is the cause for blistering, sore spots and black toe nails. It can also cause imbalance when running, which is especially dangerous if you race in rocky steep terrain where the risk of falling is imminent. If you do longer swimrun races, this can be the deal breaker between a finisher T-shirt and a DNF (Did not finish).

Ways forward

There is the possibility to counter this by training your feet to harden-up and skin not to blister. But also keep in mind that you buy our shoe with a “standard 1-solution-for-all” type lacing, why tampering a bit with it can solve your problems before they even appear.

If you havent heard already, there are lacing techniques to help improve you running performance and avoid the issue with sliding around in your shoe when being wet. Have a look at this instruction video below for: “Heel Lock”, a.k.a “Lacing Lock”, “Parallel Lacing”, “Black (a.k.a Blue) Toe Lacing” and “Hot Spot Lacing”.

Or, go buy flexible quick-lock lacing that will take care of some of the problems addressed above.

/The WoS Team

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