Amber Swimrun Race in Latvia – Swimrun in the Baltic states!

Four years ago, two of the Amber race organising team participated in the Rockman swimrun race. They liked it so much that they decided to introduce Latvians and other Baltic countries to the wonderful sport of swimrun. In 2016, Amber race swimrun took place for first time in Salacgriva, located along the coast of north Latvia.

This is the 3rd time the race will take place, on May 27. In Amber race you will have opportunity to get a feel for what swimrun is all about, by passing sand dunes, trails, swimming in the Riga Bay and the Salaca River. Salaca River is very fast in some stages that you can enjoy swim along the river stream and take some break if only competitors do not attack you 🙂


Amber Race offers 3 distances – long distance is meant for rather experienced participants, while the shorter are for those enjoying nature. The super sprint is meant for those who wants to get to know the swimrun sport.

Alike long and short distances, where team mates participate together, the super sprint is an individual competition available for youngsters as well. Minimal age requirement is 16 years. However any experienced athlete is welcome to join and make short or super sprint distance as speed workout for him/herself. It will be interesting to everyone!

Be aware

In first year weather changed so rapidly, that participants admitted hardest part was last 3km seaside run, not 1,9km swim in stormy sea, because headwind was so strong they could barely move forward. Therefore all participants are asked to be flexible in all means: equipment they plant to use, weather changes and also potential changes in race course due to weather.

Amber race organisers are Kristaps Mocans, Baiba Mocane and Inese Gulbe. Baiba and Inese are great ultra-runners and new swimrunners, Kristaps is a great supporter and sports events’ manager.

For more details visit www.amberrace.lv and registration is open till May 17.

How to get to the race

You can fly with air plane to Latvia capital Riga. There are plenty of low fare routes as well.

With bus. Take a bus or taxi to the centre of Riga. Taxi cost approximately 20 EUR, bus 2 EUR. Next you have to take a bus from Riga – Ainazi in the Central Bus station. You have to go till bus stop Kuivizi, journey will take you around 2h. Time schedule you can look here:


With car. You have to drive 110 km from Riga to Kuivizi (3km after Salacgriva), direction to Tallinn (Estonia).

With yacht. Coordinates of Kuivizi port: Arrival axis with red/white vertical painting 570 46,95’N 240 17,10’E. Leading line direction: 258,40 – 78,40.

Competition centre will be in hotel Kapteinu osta where you can stay before the race with participants’ discount. You can book rooms in their home page www.kapteinuosta.lv

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