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The state of swimrun in the world today – An updated WoS swimrun calendar

As you all know, swimrun is a young and steady growing sport.

Development until 2019

During the years we have seen some interesting developments as the sport has made its way across the world and with the recent introduction of solo-swimrun racing, we are sure we will see an upsurge in number of participants.

With regards to recent changes, it has become increasingly difficult to talk about “races in the world” as many organisers have opted for adding a variant of their existing race, most of the time shortening the original distance. A good example is the latest change in the ÖtillÖ race set-up, where most races today consist of a “main” long race, and an optional short version but now also an “experience” version, that is, an even shorter race, like a super-sprint version, of dito races.

Hence, it is possible to report 1 race with 3 “race distances” on the same course, or if you like, 3 races during the same day or weekend with the same organiser.

Number of “races” in the world of swimrun today

As the statistics stand today World of Swimrun has registered a total of 521 races (race distances). 339 of them have been confirmed for 2019 and 118 (!) are still pending confirmation. Sadly, during 2018 approximately 50 races were either cancelled or postponed to 2019 and another 14 have not updated their website during 2018, leaving them inconclusive.

Number of swimrun races per country

Interestingly, France have now overtaken Sweden for the number 1 spot of total number of registered races (race distances), with 129 vs. 106 and with the UK, USA and Germany growing fast. We are also happy to welcome China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia and Uruguay to the world of swimrun, in total now counting swimrun races in 37 countries.

Swimrun race distance distribution across the world of swimrun

Looking at the distribution of distances offered, the majority of races now lie in between 10-20 km of swimrunning. Shorter-type swimrun racing is expected to grow with the introduction of solo racing.

The most updated swimrun calendar in the world

All confirmed races can now be found in our calendar (sorry for the delay) including detailed statistics. Just click on the respective race and tabs to see all data. Remember that not all races provide detailed data on their race why there are blanks.

Also keep in mind that our database is a “living database” that is subject to change and frequent updates. And for those organising races out there, we urge you to write the race date clearly on your front webpage as this is what the racers are looking for.

Thank you in advance!

If you miss a race or that we have the wrong date or statistics, please let us know!

/The WoS Team

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  1. Hi guys.
    Great Job. I just want to let you know that the SwimRun Rheinsberg has longer distances as published.

    1. Great. We Will fix it

  2. well Austria is missing with 5 races in 2018 and more coming up in 2019

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