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We are humbled!

When we finally launched WoS in early 2016, we really didn’t have any idea of what to expect. A group of people, enthusiasts with regular jobs, who together shared an interest in swimrun, took our internal discussion public, and started sharing our thoughts regarding the beautiful and lovely sport of swimrun.

We could never have imagined that so many of you would be interested in what we had to say about swimrun stuff. But we are really happy that you are, and as of today we have passed 1 million visits.

From the start we’ve written over 160 posts, together done over 50 races and adventures world-wide. We’ve kept evaluating gear and conducted the 1st ever international and independent swimrun equipment test in 2017. We keep pushing and debating swimrun and its development, help national swimrun societies to start, support race organisers and racers and through our world map and swimrun race calendar, give you everything you need to start racing.

It is because of you that we keep going. All the interesting feedback we get from beginners to pro’s. Swimrun keep developing and we are all part of it.

Our door is always open and you are welcome to join!

By swimrunners – For swimrunners


The WoS Team

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