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2019 World of Swimrun Equipment Test

It is soon time for our annual independent world swimrun equipment test and we are in full preparations together with our friends from swimrun communities around the world.

Building on the success of previous years, in 2019 we want to expand the equipment to include in our test in accordance with the ongoing development in the swimrun world.

What we will test

We have previously focused foremost on wetsuits and shoes, but touched upon paddles and other miscellaneous equipment. This year however we will also include flotation equipment and under layer garments.

But we also want to hear your opinion on what you think we should test for you?

Drop us a line in any of our channels and tell us what you think we should include in the test. Or if you know of any new brand coming out on the market other than what we have previously tested.

Lets stay in touch.

/The WoS Team

Here you can have a look at last years tests

2017 2018
Wetsuit test results Wetsuit test results
Shoes test results Shoes test results
Paddles test results


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