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2019 – Is this the year swimrun becomes a sport for the masses?

2019 is around the corner and these are existing times for the swimrun sport and swimrunners around the world!

During 2018 the number of races kept growing and going through our database we just recently passed 500 registered races. But, and yes there is a but, several races have also been cancelled during the year, mostly due to poor level of participation. Also, there are still many that haven’t announced a race date for 2019.

Another interesting aspect is the formation of leagues or series. ÖtillÖ with its own series has been around from the very start, but now new actors are growing like Breca Swimrun with races in both UK and New Zealand. The same goes for Rockman Swimrun with races in Norway and New Zealand, Ignite Swimrun with races in the US, Canaqua Swimrun from Canada, Gravity Swimrun in France, or Germany’s Urban Swimrun Challenge with a staggering 17 races announced for next year.

Just to mention a few.

And don’t forget the many national series being announced like Swimrun Portugal, Swimrun Deutschland Cup, or Swimrun Italy (where rumour also has it somebody has registered an official swimrun federation, however still dormant).

We also hear that 2019 is the year will see the launch of several new swimrun equipment items as more brands are making a run for the lucrative and growing swimrun market. We will of course test them all this coming spring in our yearly swimrun equipment test. But you might wanna check out off-season prices as you can still make a bargain.

Make sure you are on par with your training as the northern hemisphere season is approaching fast, and that you chose your training music wisely! 😀 If you have a friend wanting to try swimrun, then let them know there is a free book for beginners, both in English and Spanish.

With this said

Happy New Swimrun Year!

/The WoS Team

Pic: Akuna SR-France

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