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2019 International Swimrun Equipment Test

Soon we are about to conduct our now institutionalised annual swimrun equipment test.

This year we will head to northern Italy and do the test in a magical but challenging setting, making sure we test the equipment in true swimrun-style.

We will focus our test on wetsuits and other neoprene stuff, shoes, under layer and pull-buoys. Joining us is swimrun France, Germany, UK, Croatia, Poland and Sweden.

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/The WoS Team

Meet the testing team

Niklas started swimrunning already in 2008 and did his first ÖtillÖ in 2009. Niklas is the founder of Ultraswimrun (USR) and co-founder of World of Swimrun (WoS) and currently the only finisher of the +265 km multiday Stockholm Archipelago Ultraswimrun Challenge (SAUC).
Barbara got addicted to Swimrun in 2014. Race Director of Allgäu Swimrun and Swimrun Hof. Co-founder of the platform Swimrun Germany and Swimrun Deutschland Cup as well. Finished several races, 2018 as highlight so far ÖtillÖ World Championship.
Michael entered Swimrun racing in Sweden 2015 and is the first Croatian Swimrunner celebrating 30 years of Multisport in 2019. Affiliated with Swimrun Germany (SRG), founder of the Swimrun Forum Deutschland community, part of the inaugural Swimrun Equipment Test 2017 and founder of SWIMRUNPUNKROCK. Dreams of SAUC 2020.
C:\Users\niklas.karlsson\Dropbox\57068494_2316546998561837_5564784680688943104_n.png François-Xavier started swimrunning in 2012 and to share information co-founded of World of Swimrun (WoS) and Swimrun France (SRF). He combines his experience of racing countless events, including 4 ÖtillÖ World Championship, and his Sport Science professional expertise to enhance the equipment testing since its inception.
Jude is a Trail Running Coach (@Runsurreyhills) and Swimrun Coach (@theswimruncoach) based in the UK. A lover of running and swimming on the wild side, swimrun is perfect for a woman always on the lookout for fun and adventure. Competed in Breca Buttermere, Loch Gu Loch, Hokey Cokey and ÖTILLÖ Isles of Scilly, 1000 Lakes, Engadin, and Hvar.
C:\Users\niklas.karlsson\Dropbox\56681307_337128300484299_7939130910740316160_n.jpg Jedrek is a member and founder of the first Polish swimrun team. Finisher of Rockman Swimrun 2016, 2017, ÖtillÖ World Championship 2018 and many other events. Swimrun Wiory Race director and founder of
Daniel, a dedicated ultra-runner and swimmer. Since ÖtillÖ 2010 I was hooked on this sport, after a long day in the press boat. Done five World Championship in a row since then and loads of more races. Love to train and always dream of new adventures. Favourite distance: 100 miles. One of the founders of Hellas Frostbite swimrun (charity race), WoS member and loads more.
Andreas entered Swimrun in 2014. Co-founder of Swimrun Germany and co-organizer of the Allgäu Swimrun an ÖtillÖ Merit Race and Swimrun Hof. Also running Germanys so far only Swimrun Shop. Andreas is joining the Swimrun Equipment Test since 2018

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