2019 Swimrun season is on – A world swimrun race bucket list

It’s 2019 and the new swimrun season has kicked-in. What better way to celebrate this than to start planning some cool and challenging races? Luckily there are many to choose from, in several countries and on several continents So, we have made it easy for you and compiled a world swimrun race bucket list. And remember, it’s always more fun to do swimrun together, as a team! Enjoy. /The WoS …

The World’s First Book On Swimrun

We are happy to share the world’s first swimrun book with you. The book was written pro-bono with the sole purpose to help guide beginners and more advanced swimrunners to further explore what swimrun is all about. Download it free via the link below and please share with your friends! Please enjoy and happy reading! Nic /The WoS Team   P.S. The book is available via www.worldofswimrun.com  

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How to navigate when swimming in swimrun training and racing

Swimrun races with high swim/run ratio, taking place in big open water, put high demand on the swimrunners ability to navigate. If the race is known to demonstrate changeable wind, current and wave conditions, this skill becomes even more important. If you do a coastal type race, it’s easy enough to navigate even though this most likely mean having to breathe on the coastal side during the swim. However, when swimming point-to-point …