2019 – Is this the year swimrun becomes a sport for the masses?

2019 is around the corner and these are existing times for the swimrun sport and swimrunners around the world! During 2018 the number of races kept growing and going through our database we just recently passed 500 registered races. But, and yes there is a but, several races have also been cancelled during the year, mostly due to poor level of participation. Also, there are still many that haven’t announced …

The World’s First Book On Swimrun

We are happy to share the world’s first swimrun book with you. The book was written pro-bono with the sole purpose to help guide beginners and more advanced swimrunners to further explore what swimrun is all about. Download it free via the link below and please share with your friends! Please enjoy and happy reading! Nic /The WoS Team   P.S. The book is available via www.worldofswimrun.com