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We are growing – South America is now on the swimrun map!

2018 is in front of us and we expect this to be an awesome year. The Chinese has labeled this “the year of the dog”.  We are labeling it “the year of swimrun”.

Swimrun is growing but not at the same pace as in previous years. There are currently some 330 confirmed races world-wide and another 40 or so awaiting confirmation for 2018. Approximately 10 and previously active races were cancelled in 2017 and another 30 were either cancelled while in preparations or who never made it from the planning phase. We are however sure that more new races will be announced during 2018, just as our friends from Uruguay Swimrun just did. 


In less than a month, South Americas first ever swimrun race will take place, in La Paloma, a small city in the Rocha Department of southeastern Uruguay on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Challenging trails and the beautiful water of the Atlantic Ocean makes the perfect combination, in a diversity and wild location, to make history on the Latin swimrun-scene.

The first edition of Swimrun Uruguay will be available only for single racing and the route will consist of 6 running sections in total of 15.25km as well as 5 swimming sections in total of 2.75km. The estimated water temperature will be between 20 – 24° Celsius. The race is suitable for beginners, but has enough potential to be challenging for experienced swimrunners as well.

We are very happy to be able to host the first race in South America and we expect this to be a fun and challenging race, says Natalia, who together with Julio Fernández, Carolina Siviero and Santiago Rodríguez make out the organising crew.

Swimrun Uruguay 2018 will be a qualification race for the 2018 Aquaticrunner in Grado, Italy and we are exited and happy for this new swimrun development!


/The WoS Team

Race info

Start: Zen Hotel, Anaconda Beach, La Paloma, Uruguay

Date: February 3rd, 2018

Distances: 15.25 km running | 2.75 km swimming | Longest run 5 km | longest swim 1.0 km

Sections: 6 running sections | 5 swimming sections

Temperature: Water 22ºC | Air 25ºC

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