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Allgäu SwimRun – An authentic race in the beautiful alpine foothills

The Swedish endurance sport swimrun comes to the Allgäu region for the second time. Here, between the foot of the Alps and idyllic lakes, in the most southern part of Germany, the Allgäu SwimRun 2017 will take place. Gentle trails and the clear waters of the Allgäu lakes makes this the perfect location to cross new boundaries.


The route consists of 7 running sections in total of 23,5km (560 m positive altitude change), as well as 6 swimming sections in total of 3.5km. The estimated water temperature will be between 12 – 14° Celsius. The race is suitable for swimrun beginners, but has enough potential to be challenging for experienced swimrunners, as well.


Last year the Allgäu welcomed 52 teams from 12 nations. We saw a battle at the front of the race and also a battle against hard weather conditions. 45 teams were crossing the finish line: cold but smiling.

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Allgäu SwimRun is one of the first swimrun races in Germany.

Start: Oy-Mittelberg, Bavaria, Germany
date: 7. oct 2017
Distances: 23.5km running, 560m elevation | 3.5km swimming
longest run 9km, longest swim 1.1km


/The WoS Team

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