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Åland Swimrun is getting close

On the 23 of september is the Åland Swimrun is held for the second time, and we on World of Swimrun is curius how the planing is going. What to expect and so forth. We found contact with the race directors Ia Colerius and Hubert von Frenckell.

Close to race now! Is the race course well market?

Yes, it´s getting closer. Well marked? At the moment only the supersprint course is marked but gradually we will start to mark the Short course. The Long- course will this year only be partially marked (at the start and in the end). Instead the Long- participants will get a map and find themselves a way from A, where they get up from the water to B, the start of the next swimming segment.The swimming segments for all three routes will be marked both at the decline into water (flag) and at the ascent from the water (buoys / signs)

It was 14 degress celsius on Wednesday – nice and refreshing.Nobody thought it was cold on Tuesday’s training
Seems to be beautiful islands to cross, how did you recce out the longdistance course?
– Among the 6757 islands in the Åland archipelago, we chose some of the finest for our race. We knew from earlier that the surroundings along the route are beautiful and sometimes quite stunning. First we planned a route based on the map, which was then checked by our team. Our ambition with the LONG race was to combine the most beautiful scenery in the Baltics with a very demanding race course, both concerning the running but especially the swim.
It is definitely not a race for beginners. Especially if the weather is rough you have to be a strong swimmer to accomplish the first swimming parts on the northern part of Åland. Since swimrun is such a magnificent sport where you come closer to nature than in almost any other sport, we also want to offer something to everybody. That’s why we have the short with a possibility to race individually and the sprint for those who want to try the sport for the first time.
Finish championship in swimrun it says, tell me more!
Not only Finnish Championships in Swimrun,but the first ever in this sport! To compete for the FM-title and be able to get a FM-medal both teammembers must be a member of a triathlon association belongong to the Finnish Triathlon Association.
When is the latest time to registrer to the race? Is it possible to take a late desicion or do you need a deadline? 
The pre-registration will close on Sunday 17.9.2017 at 23.59 (finnish time). For those who wake up late or haven´t been able to decide before we also provide the opportunity to sign up on site Käringsund on Friday 22.9 from 6- 8pm and on Saturday from 11.30-12.00 am
Is it possible to follow the race online or somewhere on the track?
Yes, it will be possible. All the participants at the LONG and SHort course will have GPS- trackers on them. Info about where you can follow them will be published on the website and the Facebook page. 

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