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Swimrun, wave and smile!

It’s amazing to see all the races popping up and taking place around the world. A veritable smorgasbord of joy, smiles and happiness, and we can’t get enough of all the nice teasers being produced, here from the recent Anjou Swimrun Enjoy, because we did!   /The WoS Team   Also, do not forget to read up on the French Swimrun Rules previously released.

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The 2019 Official World of Swimrun Wetsuit Test – A New Era in Swimrun Wetsuit Development

In April 2019, 8 experienced swimrunners from 7 nations travelled to Lake Orta, Italy, as part of the World of Swimrun gear test. Amongst the products being tested were 16 new to market, swimrun specific wetsuits from 10 different brands. Over 4 days, the team swam, ran and repeatedly tested the wetsuits on a fixed loop swimrun course, which included open water swimming, entries and exits and running both up …

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Swimrunning in cold conditions – Utö swimrun coming up

Up next week is Utö swimrun, which this year seem to become a cold race. Expected weather forecast In the links below you will find a good indicator of what the weather will be like at Utö. Remember that Stockholm archipelago is well-known for its occurring sea breeze, which can affect the wind direction. YR.no SMHI (click on Idag = Today or Måndag = Monday) Expected wind Windguru Expected water temperature SMHI …

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Customisation is key at World of Swimrun’s Equipment Test 2019

Short leg wetsuits with removable sleeves, interchangeable flotation and base layers with pockets are the key trends emerging from World of Swimrun’s 2019 independent equipment test which took place in Orta San Giulio, Italy last weekend. Whether you are seasoned racer or training for your first swimrun, World of Swimrun’s test results are the place to look before you buy swimrun equipment. “We are excited to see brands experimenting with …

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2019 International Swimrun Equipment Test

Soon we are about to conduct our now institutionalised annual swimrun equipment test. This year we will head to northern Italy and do the test in a magical but challenging setting, making sure we test the equipment in true swimrun-style. We will focus our test on wetsuits and other neoprene stuff, shoes, under layer and pull-buoys. Joining us is swimrun France, Germany, UK, Croatia, Poland and Sweden. Stay tuned through …


European Swimrun Championship

WoS understands that following the creation of multiple national championships (e.g. the recently announced Belgium championship) and the perceived need to unite European nations in light of the BREXIT events, the European Community commission for Sport will announce during its next Forum taking place in Bucharest (Romania) on the 8-9 April 2019 that a European Swimrun Championship  (ESC) will be organised. The team aspect was a key factor of the decision. …

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What you swimrunners should be doing in April!

27 races in 9 countries and more are underway. The swimrun season is kicking into high gear, and we love it! First out is ÖtillÖ in Hvar and we do hope the contestants get to experience the seasonal strong winds. The first year the winds went up to 16 m/s and more than half the starting-line DNF:d during the long 3-km swim. We look forward to see how the race …

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How to stay happy while undergoing physical and mental torture during training and competition

So, here you are all prepped-up to do a swimrun race. Training has gone well, preparations are on point and you and your partner are aligned in both spirit and performance. But then post-race, you can’t really shake that feeling of being uncomfortable, or lacking happiness. What happened and why do I feel like this? The post-race feeling What many can experience just after a race is a state of …