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The World’s First Book On Swimrun

We are happy to share the world’s first swimrun book with you. The book was written pro-bono with the sole purpose to help guide beginners and more advanced swimrunners to further explore what swimrun is all about. Download it free via the link below and please share with your friends! Please enjoy and happy reading! Nic /The WoS Team   P.S. The book is available via  

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Shoes’ comfort can modify your gait

Anybody who had to run with shoes that don’t fit can attest how importance it is to get comfortable shoes. A simple discomfort can rapidly turn into a cause for withdrawal, or at least for changing the gait. But how do you measure “comfort”? This is a very subjective, not easy to evaluate.  Meyer et al (2018) investigated the influence of perceived footwear comfort on the variability of running kinematics …

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Can water resistant sun cream protect you in swimrun?

The summer is finally arriving and it’s wise to protect our skin against the damages the sun may cause, including skin cancer. Comes in the trusted sun cream. They have various protection levels of Sun Protection Factor (SPF) and some are even “water resistant”. Perfect for swimrun, yes? Well, not so fast. “Which ?” the famous British comparison magazine has tested creams claiming to be water resistant. They found that …

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Drink Coffee and Swim Faster

Caffeine’s positive effect on endurance exercise is well-known, but when should you drink it and does it necessarily need to be hot? No, of course not, unless it’s really cold outside, then it can be a good idea. Often you will find caffeine-energy at aid stations during a race and for long races it’s a good thing to continuously keep to a healthy level of intake. Otherwise you risk a …

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Don’t miss out on ÖtillÖ Utö this weekend

Ahoy Swimrunners. As the sport of swimrun keeps developing, so are also the means of following it world-wide, with more organisers offering the possibility to track your favourites and friends, or to follow the race live. This weekend ÖtillÖ desends on utö and after a long period of unusually warm weather, we expect this race to be a fast one! Don’t miss out and follow the race live here Check …


Amber Swimrun Race in Latvia – Swimrun in the Baltic states!

Four years ago, two of the Amber race organising team participated in the Rockman swimrun race. They liked it so much that they decided to introduce Latvians and other Baltic countries to the wonderful sport of swimrun. In 2016, Amber race swimrun took place for first time in Salacgriva, located along the coast of north Latvia. This is the 3rd time the race will take place, on May 27. In …

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2018 World SwimRun Equipment Test – Wetsuits

Wetsuits are undeniably the stars of the swimrun equipment. Protection against the cold, buoyancy, easiness to put on and remove, comfort in running, flexibility of the shoulders, weight, pockets, the wetsuits have many functions to fulfil and some are near incompatible. In April this year, swimrunners from World of Swimrun (WoS), Swimrun France (SR-F), Swimrun Germany (SR-G) and GoSwimrun Poland teamed up in Hvar, Croatia for the annual international and …

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2018 World SwimRun Equipment Test – Shoes

Next to wetsuits, the shoes are very important and the 2nd most expensive equipment you will buy for swimrun. Regardless of which shoe you opt for, it should fit your foot, feel comfortable, provide a good grip and support your running technique. You will find shoes for all kinds of environments and terrain like tarmac, trails, gravel roads, rocky and beach conditions and so forth. But since you’ll swim with …

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How to navigate when swimming in swimrun training and racing

Swimrun races with high swim/run ratio, taking place in big open water, put high demand on the swimrunners ability to navigate. If the race is known to demonstrate changeable wind, current and wave conditions, this skill becomes even more important. If you do a coastal type race, it’s easy enough to navigate even though this most likely mean having to breathe on the coastal side during the swim. However, when swimming point-to-point …

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How you recover from a long hard swimrun race

Did you do the ÖtillÖ Hvar race this weekend, or about to do the upcoming Costa Brava Swimrun Race? Regardless. If you finish, then your preparations were good enough. You fought through tough conditions and challenging elements and made it through the raw beautiful nature. Swimrun at its best. As it should be. But what happens to your body and muscles after such a tough race? After a race it’s …