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How to live with an endurance swimrunner…. During Covid-19

Hope is coming back to the world as Covid-19 is slowly coming under some form of control.  But we are not there yet, so remember to stay safe, and keep distance! As country borders are opening up, so are also some of the previously planned swimrun races. One example is the upcoming ÖtillÖ Engadin race scheduled for July 25th. However, if you plan to travel there, keep an eye on …

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Cancelled and postponed swimrun races 2020 – ÖtillÖ

As corona hits the world hard, a lot of swimrun races are struggling to find ways to bring us all joy. However, the circumstances are very challenging, so keep  in mind that this situation might very well apply for the remainder of 2020. Countries have different temporary rules and regulations in place so make sure you check them out before deciding upon a plan. A good question to ask yourself …

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Olympics 2021: Swimrun as a new demonstration sport?

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Olympic Games in Tokyo were postponed to July-August 2021. The Japanese government tried everything to delay this announcement, but ultimately had to accept health imperatives. This announcement allowed the athletes to better plan their preparation and removed some stress. It seems that this change also opens up new opportunities. Indeed a small article of the chain NHK (Nippon Hōsō Kyōkai, largest media in Japan) …

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Hvar Swimrun is Cancelled

As expected ÖtillÖ cancels the Hvar swimrun race. All entries are transferred to the new dates in November. Any refund possibility is unclear but it is possible to sell any registered entry. The Corona virus spread is still on the increase in the world why it is best to expect more races to be cancelled in the near future. Unfortunate, but together we are strong /The WoS Team


Will there be any swimrun race in April 2020?

We previously looking into the potential effect of the COVID-19 virus on equipment availability for 2020. However, it appears now this is not going to be the major problem. We witness global restriction on travels and on group gathering, including of course sport events. Already in our little world of swimrun, St Raphael and Cyprus have been cancelled. It is very likely that all events scheduled for at least March …

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Swimrun and Corona (Covid) 2020

More organisers are now taking responsibility for the ongoing Corona pandemic. Breca announces it will postone the upcoming race so stay tuned to their channel for more information. Please read full statement below. /The WoS Team   COVID-19 STATEMENT FROM THE CEO March 15, 2020 by Ben de Rivaz We have reached an inflection point. The World Health Organisation (“WHO”) have declared the spread of Coronavirus disease 2019 (“COVID-19″) a …

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Swimrun Race Cancellations

The world is shutting down, and unfortunately so is the swimrun season. As the corona virus spreads around the world, many countries are closing their borders, and many events are cancelled. As expected, this forces many swimrun organisers to either cancel or postpone their races and only this week did this start to happen. During the coming week we expect more races to be cancelled and we will adjust our …

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Swimrun and Corona – End of the 2020 season?

Corona is currently raging all over the world. A pandemic according to the World Health Organisation (WHO).  If you plan to race, and especially if going abroad, pay attention to any restrictions that might apply. Also calculate with a significant risk of being quarantined on location as many countries are shutting down, or that major airlines are cancelling their flights.  Follow the news! Check any local updates and most often …

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Swimrun in Germany is incorporated into the German Triathlon Union

Swimrun development in the world is going at a fast rate and now Germany is next in line for some major revisions and formalisations, as you will see below. The major question now is if swimrun is about to suffer the same fate as triathlon, with a formalised structure and specific rules and regulations under a major federation, and with a stand-alone private and parallel organisation like the Ironman? 2020 …

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Corona virus – Will it affect the world of Swimrun?

The news about the Corona virus (AKA COVID-19) are hard to avoid at the moment. But surprisingly its  consequences on swimrun has not (yet) made the front pages. What impact this virus may have for us, swimrunners? The main concern may be linked to the equipment availability, and in particular wetsuits. Most, but not all, swimrun wetsuits are manufactured in a handful of factories in China. Suppliers and workers in …